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Getting to know Dr. Lowe

On August 17 the Forsyth Central Scene newspaper had the opportunity to sit down with Dr Lowe and ask him a few questions about his job. The paper hopes you will enjoy: Getting to know Dr. Lowe!

Anderson McKnight, Hogan Neiswender

August 17, 2023

How long have you been at Central?

11 Years, and this is my third year as principal of FCHS.

What is your favorite part about FCHS?

I’m real proud of the family feel we have here, fortunate to have so many great people who care about people, seeing students flourish.

What made you want to work this job?

I really wanted to support kids the way my teachers supported me in school.

What’s the best part of your day?

Definitely just seeing the students everyday.

What’s your favorite academy?

I don’t really have a favorite academy. Mostly I just like seeing students connect to something they’re passionate about.

How would you like to see Central grow in the next few years?

I’d really like to see student participation in clubs and sports grow across the board and form some new clubs we don’t already have.

What other work experience do you have in education/other areas?

I was a social studies and special education teacher in Alabama, as well as the athletic director. I crossed paths with a lot of great teachers and students there. I also sponsored FCA.

What car do you drive?

I drive a black f-150.

What do you value in a teacher?

Somebody that cares about kids. That’s there for the right reasons and supports our kids. We really try hard when we’re hiring folks.

What’s your goal for this school year? For the school?

I wanna see our participation and our student engagement reflect our previous years. I would like to see all the offerings we have here for our students allow for kids to get connected. I would like more participation, and just see kids more connected.

What do you see as unique about Central?

I think Forsyth Central is the original highschool in the county. We often refer to our school as the heart of forsyth. Through the growth and through the years forsyth has remained that local school that our community is proud of. It has remained true to itself and also been able to grow.

Any words of wisdom for the FCHS students?

I would challenge y’all to focus on the good. If you focus on what' good you'll find it. If you focus on the bad you'll find that too. You need to focus on the fact that you're surrounded by people that love you and are here to support you. And to enjoy your school experience.

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