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Welcome to the Central Scene! Here is a comprehensive guide for the site.

Aurelia Iishiba, Vivian Lu

January 23, 2024

Welcome to the new FCHS student news website. Here you will find a general overview of how to navigate the website and an explanation for some of the unique features.

On the home page, you will find the three most relevant stories at the forefront. Below that is the most recent new broadcast put together by FCHS Humanities students, as well as all stories in descending chronological order.

At the bottom of each page, is a set of navigational links, as well as a short description about us.

Social media links can be found on the right side of any page on the desktop view. On the mobile view, the same links are located in the side bar menu, accessed by the three dashes at the top of any page.

The Central Scene otherwise has three main features: the News page, Broadcast Highlights, and the Gallery (which is currently under construction).

A visual list of all published articles with descriptions and photos, is on the News page--also in descending chronological order. The Highlights along the header are linked to the last three student broadcasts and can be viewed from anywhere on the website.

Lastly, the Gallery is a feature exclusive to the Central Scene, and it will hinge on student participation. It is meant to be a collection of easily accessible images and creative works made or shared by students. We would like to include student achievements and creations, as well as shared experiences (examples include but are not limited to: artwork, photography, short stories/anecdotes, etc.).

If you are interested in being a part of the Gallery, the guidelines and submission form are here.

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