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Construction on Campus

Forsyth Central High School’s new additions to the campus have raised a lot of questions among students about what to expect.

Vivian Lu

January 24, 2024

As students walk around the campus, the introduction of more additions to the school have been scattered across the school’s landscape.

We expect to see the introduction of the new band room and the addition to the wellness center. These expansions will be in use very soon just like the renovation of the outside walk area on the east side. These are projected to be finished in the upcoming years around 2025-2026.

With these new improvements, Forsyth Central will appreciate the usage of the additional additions and the renovations.

But you will still be able to visit the wellness center even with the construction happening. With the different activities that the wellness center provides.

So whenever you have time visit and reset at the wellness center.

Along with the addition to the wellness center there is an expansion to the band room which will increase the size of the band. Increasing the functionality and utility of the band room for the Orchestra, Band, and Flash of Crimson.

Enjoy the upcoming additions to the school and if you are not here next year utilize the utilities before you leave.

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